Ministers of Mines and Environment Visit the Nimba Iron Ore Project , Guinea

In a significant move highlighting the commitment to sustainable development and collaboration between government bodies and private enterprises, the Minister of Mines and Geology and the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development recently made a joint visit to the Nimba Iron Ore Project in Guinea.  The Ministers were accompanied by their respective technical and administrative teams with more than 60 people participating in the visit.  The delegation was warmly received by the project site team and undertook a visit of the administrative centre, proposed site development areas and a review of the projects environment and community intiaitives.

The visit provided an excellent opportunity for the delegation to discuss in depth the planned development activities for the project with particular emphasis on Phase 1 Mining Activities to commence in 2024.  Both Ministers reiterated their strong support for the project’s initial phase, underscoring its strategic importance for the socio-economic development of the region and contribution to the Guinea economy and development of the mineral sector.   The Project team were also able to demonstrate the Company’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that planned project development aligns with international best practice environmental and community engagement standards.

In response to the Ministers’ visit, the Company expressed its highest gratitude for the continued support of the Republic of Guinea in progressing Nimba towards development, and reiterated its commitment to work closely with government authorities and stakeholders to advance the development of Nimba in the short term.

The Company is currently finalising funding for the development of Nimba Phase 1 with its shareholders, and with the construction tender process completed in late 2023 for Nimba Phase 1, an announcement will be made shortly to confirm the preferred contractor for construction.  It is expected that construction activities will commence in Q4 2024 with first production from Nimba Phase 1 scheduled for late 2025.