SMFG is proud to be launching its Malaria Prevention Program for 2024, which, following strong demand, has been expanded to be delivered in 28 local communities to SMFG’s Nimba Iron Ore Project.

This year, SMFG’s Malaria Prevention Program celebrates its 16th year of operation, with special thanks to the longstanding collaboration between SMFG and the Prefectural Directorate of Health (DPS) of Lola, with approximately $135,000 invested in the program since inception.

The impact of SMFG’s Malaria Prevention Program has been tangible and far-reaching, with participating villages reporting significant reductions in malaria cases. Such successes have supported the expansion of the program, underscoring the importance of sustained efforts in malaria prevention.

In a recent audit completed for the 2023-year program, SMFG’s Malaria Prevention Program reached more than 14,588 people, with a special emphasis on accessing vulnerable groups, including 6,778 women and girls spanning twenty-three (23) villages.

Malaria remains the #1 cause of hospitalisation and infant mortality in Guinea, peaking during the wet season from June to October. At its core, SMFG’s program seeks to educate local communities about the transmission and prevention of malaria, empowering them with the knowledge and resources to protect themselves and their communities.

One of the key components of SMFG’s Malaria Prevention Program is the provision of sanitation awareness sessions facilitated under the stewardship of local healthcare professionals. These sessions not only disseminate vital information but also foster a culture of hygiene and proactive health management within the communities. Additionally, SMFG supports the local village committees by supplying essential medical and sanitation equipment further strengthening their capacity to combat malaria effectively. Communities are also awarded prizes at the year-end closing ceremony to help incentivise their level of engagement in the program and ensure strong lines of communication.

SMFG and its partners remain committed to building a future where malaria is no longer a threat, one community at a time and look forward to expanding this program in the future.

Closing ceremony for the 2023 campaign