The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) held its latest World Conservation Congress in Marseille from 03-11 September, 2021. Following an open request for proposals in 2019, the Centre for the Management of the Environment of the Nimba and Simandou Mountains (CEGENS) and SMFG submitted a proposal to present a case study entitled “Public-Private Partnership for the Conservation of the Guinean Nimba Mountains: State and Mining Company”. This was accepted amongst the thousands of proposals.

Because of COVID19, much of the Congress had to occur virtually, thus instead of presenting to a live audience, CEGENS and SMFG prepared an electronic poster and accompanying video, describing the Nimba Mountains and the shared interests between CEGENS and SMFG to promote conservation of biodiversity and the Nimba World Heritage Site’s outstanding universal value, and to support tangible, sustainable development for communities surrounding the Guinean Nimba Mountains. The electronic poster may be accessed here, and the video is available here.